RC headbanger animated del Jefe

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guitar mike
demon drummer dave

RUSSIAN CIRCLES, three-piece instru-mental band from Chicago, supporting the excellent ENTER cd on Flameshovel Records

RC bio verbage helps define the live experiential:
"innovation, incredibly narrative and linear. stream through themes. gargantuan in scope. flow seamlessly. massively thick heaviness. achieved sonic identity."

Jefe's Soho Lounge Russian Circle experiential turned awry when an overly boisterous fan began smashing his fist on the wooden stage bannister inches from Jefe's face, then started a moshpit, wherein bounced a heavyset, dreadlocked beastess, who proceded to toss beer everywhere, her gigantor gyrations causing great disturbance and Jefe dismissal from pit - I swear this same petulant patchouli-pungent pig did same thing last year, at same club... i had to catch the shuttle anyway... byotch!

Background art from Russian Circles "Upper Ninety" 7" by Jesse LeDoux.
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pics from Russian Circles' myspace page

pr photo - gtr mike on the todd rundgren-lookin' tip
Russianeck Circulatory Animatory del Jefe

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