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SPEEDEALER May 2004 Update

Speedealer CDs Out Now!

BLEED (Dead Teenager Records, home to Zeke)

BURNED ALIVE (Radical Records), recorded at CBGB's NYC on July 4th, 2003!

May-June 2004 Speedealer head for West Coast with Zeke, and then EUROPE!

see tour dates below

Speedealer was recently heard on VIVA LA BAM, that Jackass jackass, the show with Slayer as musical guests.

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here's press stuff gleamed off the Dead Teenager site:

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this is the new unimproved Radical version SPEEDBIO

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new Speedealer pics:

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SPEEDEALER on the Road

Speedealer Tour Dates

(all dates may be subject to change)


19 - Denver, CO @ Lions Lair
21- Seattle, WA@ Graceland w/ Zeke
22- Longview, WA @ Reid's Pit Stop w/Zeke
23- Portland, OR @ Sabalas Rock Mecca w/ Zeke
24- tba w/ Zeke
25- San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick w/Zeke
26- Los Angeles, CA @ Dragonfly w/ Zeke
27- Long Beach @ Alex's Bar w/ Zeke
28- tba w/ Zeke
29- Modesto, CA @ Fat Cats w/ Zeke
30- San Francisco @ Bottom of the Hill w/ Zeke


1-Las Vegas TBA
2-Albuqurque TBA
4-Dallas TBA



22.06. NL / Uetrecht / Ekko
23.06. B / Opwijk / Nijndrop
24.06. D / Hannover / Glocksee
25.06. NL / Groningen / Vera
26.06. F / Pontoise / Furia Sound Festival
27.06. F / Les Mans / Fury Fest
28.06. off / drive
29.06. ESP / Madrid / Gruta 77
30.06. ESP / Valencia / Rock Club Pequeño Diablo
01.07. driveday
02.07. D / Trier / Ex-haus
03.07. D / Bonn / Rheinkultur Festival
04.07. D / Köln / Sonic Ballroom (segret show)
05.07. D / Karlsruhe / Schlachthof
06.07. D / Dresden / The Church
07.07. D / Jena / Rosenkeller
08.07. D / Bochum / Zwischenfall
09.07. D / Hamburg / Molotow
10.07. NL / Rotterdam / Waterfront
11.07. B / Gierle / Sjock Rock Festival
12.07. UK / London / Garage
13.07. UK / Leeds / tba
14.07. UK / tba
15.07. NL / Eindhoven / Effenaar

contact FlyPR(at) for guest list info

or chiba(at) for anything and everything else on the Dealer tip




(NYC) For SPEEDEALER, a Texas band who play 250 - 300 gigs a year for the past 7 years, who've toured the U.S., Canada, Europe, Russia and Japan, and hit the road with Motorhead, Pantera, Reverend Horton Heat, The Misfits, The Supersuckers and Nashville Pussy, this is a CD whose time has come.
Fans of Speedealer will rejoice in the 40-minute hellfire of BURNED ALIVE, containing blistering live versions of songs from their previous 4 releases (including the out-of-print debut on Spanish Fly records, the Royalty Records releases REO SPEEDEALER and HERE COMES DEATH, and the Jason Newsted-produced SECOND SIGHT on Palm Pictures).

Also included are live songs from the new Speedealer studio cd BLEED, just released on Seattle's Dead Teenager Records (home to Zeke, TAD, Camarosmith, etc). Contact for promos.

SPEEDEALER, who hail from Lubbock and Dallas TX, split and reformed recently, and have since returned to their relentless touring schedule.

As guitarist Jeff Hirshberg says, "The name (Speedealer) is indicative of the musical content, so there isn't much of a reason to delve into an over-the-top, adjective-laden description. Either one 'gets it', or does not."

More info/tour dates check out and
booking info:

Burned Alive press info: chiba at radicalrecords dot com

SPEEDEALER - Burned Alive Artwork:



Seattle, WA – Dead Teenager Records announces the release of Speedealer's new album, Bleed, today. The album will hit the streets on Sept 2, 2003. Tour dates are lined up through the end the year. Marketing and radio promotions are being handled in-house. Dead Teenager Records is distributed by Nail/Allegro.

Bleed, was recorded on June 10th and 11th of 2003 at Top Hat studios in Austin, TX. "We think Bleed sounds like, for better or worse, how a Speedealer record should” front man Jeff Hirshberg enthuses “-- like a sonic slop of shit that somehow works!" The album was recorded, mixed and produced by J.D. Pinkus, former bassist of the Butthole Surfers, current member of Honky. Pinkus has worked with bands such as Dixie Witch, Aereola 51 and Daddy Longhead to name a few.

The band has weathered a number of record deals with labels of various sizes and statures. They are now at home with start up rock/punk/metal label Dead Teenager Records. "As far as we're concerned, Dead Teenager is the only label that we have been associated with that truly 'gets it' " guitar player Eric Schmidt relays. "It is a rare thing to find a group of people who are all on the same page," he continues, "usually only one or a select few at a label understand what your band is trying to achieve. But [label heads] Ben and Donny do indeed know what it's all about."

Speedealer first formed in Lubbock, TX in the early '90s. After a brief hiatus, the band re-formed in Dallas, TX. A number of players have rotated in and out of the band, but this has not stopped them from releasing albums and touring consistently. Speedealer performs approximately 275 - 300 shows a year. They have toured through the U.S., Canada, Europe, Russia and Japan. Bands they have performed and toured with include acts like Motorhead, Pantera, Reverend Horton Heat, C.O.C., Fu Manchu, The Misfits, Joey Ramone, Neurosis, Voivod, Zeke, Morbid Angel, The Supersuckers, Today's the Day, and Nashville Pussy.

Touring and press coverage goes hand in hand and good press has not eluded the band. To the contrary - rock writers embrace the band's raw and immense sound. "[Vocalist Jeff Hirshberg] rages, growls, and threatens like a Texas-reared Lemmy Kilmister," Magnet recently opined. And Seattle Weekly thrills "If I'm going to listen to songs about kicking ass and getting plastered the guys who sing 'em had better sound like they routinely kick ass and get plastered, damn it. Speedealer does." While Alternative Press sums it up succinctly with
"Slashing guitars, crashing beats and bellowing vocals--if you like it rough
and heavy, Speedealer are your band."

Speedealer are Harden Harrison on drums, Eric Schmidt on guitar and Jeff
Hirshberg on vocals/guitar. The 12 tracks on the album are 1. "Bleed," 2. "Rock
and Roll," 3. "Choked," 4. "Wasted," 5. "On My Way," 6. "When the Demon is at
Your Door," 7. "The Inventor of Evil," 8. "Gone," 9. "All Night Long," 10.
"Tomorrow," 11. "Come on and Kill Me" and 12. "Rise Up (and Fall)."

Speedealer also have a live album coming out this fall on Radical Records
( titled Burned Alive. The album is a live recording of
the band’s 2003 4th of July show at CBGB’s in New York City.

Dead Teenager is an independent label based in Seattle, WA. Also currently in release are Zeke- Live and Uncensored, Camarosmith- self-titled debut, Angry Amputees- Slut Bomb, Flamethrower- self-titled debut.

For press materials or additional info on Speedealer contact Fly PR:

T. (323) 667-1344 F. (323) 667-0038 e:


the Palm RecordsSpeedealer disc, Second Sight, was produced by Metallica bassist Jason Newsted


taken from Speedealeronline:

Dallas' Speedealer was formed in 1994 by singer/guitarist Jeff Hirshberg, bassist Rodney Skelton, Harden Harrison on drums, and Eric Schmidt on guitar. Speedealer's first release was a self-titled album, which came out in 1996 on TRG Records, followed by REOSpeedealer and Here Comes Death released on Royalty Records, which went bankrupt shortly after the release of Here Comes Death. The band was signed to Palm in early 2000 by Michael Alago and Here Comes Death was re-released in September 2000 with new artwork. Palm A&R Michael Alago, who signed Metallica to Elektra Records in 1984, knew that Jason Newsted wanted to start producing albums, so he immediately sent Speedealer's demos. Newsted was ecstatic. "Speedealer is the first heavy band worthy of my 110 percent commitment since Metallica," says Newsted. Alago adds, "With Jason's 15 years of making extraordinary records with Metallica, he was primed to put all that musicality into production. The new Speedealer album is going to blow peoples heads off...that's the intention."

More news and info:

el Jefe's original REO Speedbio:

Monster Truck Rock meets Hardcore Punk Metal, SPEEDEALER cook up & dish out stone-cold, furious southern-fried riffage at 180 mph. Two guitars pump hard & fast punk rock-a-bully with an in-your-face velocity, cranking out nut-busting crunchiness with razor-blading vocals & short, tight instrumentals. These 4 demented Texans know their 3 essentials: this is the sound of pure Sex, uncut Drugs and nothing but Hi Octane Rock 'n Roll captured in the same unholy package. Dealing the kind of speed that will knock your ass off the flavor-of-the-month bandwagon you're currently riding, SPEEDEALER is a force to be reckoned with and get wrecked with.

Speedealer's self-titled Royalty Records cd was released in June 1998, produced by Daniel Rey (White Zombie, The Ramones). Royalty has also released a Speedealer promo 7" record, Double Clutchin' Finger Fuckin' , recorded live in Dallass, Texass.

Speedealer were signed to Palm Pictures, a division of Island Records, in January 2000, by Michael Alago, the dude who signed Metallica to Elektra way back when. Here Comes Death, the new Speedealer record, was released by Palm on Sept. 26th, 2001.

The band formerly known as REO Speedealer, were sued by REO Speedwagon via a cease and desist letter delivered to Royalty Records in June of '98, coinciding with the release of their Royalty debut cd. Speedealer have weathered the storm like an unrelenting bulldozer of touring tenacity, going through 3 new drummers and a new guitarist in little over a year. Singer/guitarist Jeff Speedealer, bassist Hot Rod, 2nd guitar Eric, and drummer Harden form the nucleus of an atomic wall of sound harnessed by the Dealer.

the latest dealer lineup

Hear The Dealer

from "REO Speedealer" (self-titled cd)


Cocaine Dave

These snips come courtesy of the Dallas Observer. Read what they wrote here

Double Clutchin' Finger Fuckin'


Move It Or Lose It

 Hear SPEEDEALER LIVE with ZEKE from Dallas TX

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 (REO) SPEEDEALER early '98

Todd (skins), Hot Rod (bass), Mike (guitar/vokes), Jeff (vokes/guitar)


the 'Dealer


What the fuck's goin' down? Check out this review from The Synthesis and find out



Born in Lubbock and raised in Dallas, REO Speedealer lays down the chicken fried juggernaut fast and thick. Try to envision Ted Nugent-inspired cock rock taking a speed-of-sound detour through the land of punk rock retrobates. Speedealer is all that with a growling Southern drawl. The quartet's ugly and highly aggravated music thwacks against the back of your skull like a whiskey bottle smashed prolifically on the concrete in front of an ex's domicile. I'm not one to dis Fastway, but Speedealer would've been the perfect opening act at Texxas Jam in 1983. Songs like "Double Clutchin' Finger Fuckin'," "Cocaine Dave, and "Pussy" are custom-made for big crowds of shirtless drunk men who've never heard of sunblock. Further down the highway, the instrumental "Get a Rope" evokes some nightmarish recombinant DNA experiment involving Lemmy and Rev. Horton Heat. Former Ramones accomplice Daniel Rey serves the Speedealer well with a clean-cutting chainsaw production aesthetic. The album ends almost as quickly and violently as it begins, but not before leaving thrill-seekers happily sated with tell-tale nitro burns on their inner thighs.
- Greg Beets - Austin Chronicle (06-08-98)

To prove that Nashville Pussy's meth metal wasn't just some Hustler Magazine's Rejected Cartoons come-to-life, REO Speedealer churn up a familiar cock-rock noise using Minor Threat's velocity, Exodus' intensity, and Motorhead's tenacity. With a bountiful ratio of 15 riff-roamers in 19 minutes, there's never an opportunity to nod off in the brief duration. But like those lovable Nashville cats, the outrageous and raunchy lyrics (about various forms of affection, natch) will stoke your buzz, anyhow, as well as perking curiosity as to how to slip this past the censors. Matters not. These Texas jarheads come from a long lineage of 13th Floor Elevators/Butthole Surfers' inspired crazies and questionable health services, so in their defense your honor, they can't help what they're doing when blurting tuneage about underage hookers, the benefits of crank, and animal husbandry (uh, the other kind, y'know). Until you hear otherwise, they own '98s title belt. - Chip Edwards

click here for a decent interview


click the Ink 19 for an interview/article from David Lee Beowulf


click the logo for a cosmik review

Even the omnipresent NY Post found the 'Dealer cd...reviewable. click the logo

'Dealer circa '96 with ex-singer "Cocaine" Dave. Click pic-get big

Here's what the 'Dealer sounds like on their first LP on Spanish Fly Records, the label owned by the drummer from Babes In Toyland. Click here to taste "Viva Vulva"


'Dealer early '97 on the Grassy Knoll in Dallas - click pic, get big


Speedealer make an appearance on the new Tribute to AC/DC, along with Electric Frankenstein, Zeke, The Dwarves, Chrome Cranks, Supersuckers, Fuckemos and more...




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