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Rub-A-Dub-Dubby, 3 Men In A-Tubby

Dub Trio be: DP Holmes (guitar/ keys /pedals), Stu Brooks (bass) & Joe Tomino (drums/ melodica). Which animation you dig best?

From session work w/ G-Unit and Maxie Priest, to performing w/Burning Spear, The Wailers, Antibalas, Steel Pulse, No Doubt, The Roots & James Brown, DUB TRIO = Dubble Trouble and Mass Dubbage, from shredding punkmetal to bleeped-out electronic psychedelia in an eyeblink!

All Jefe pics from Dub Trio's record release party at Piano's NYC , 5/23/06 - Click da pics!

Dub Trio come together in a flash for da heaviest rock since Rage Against Da Machine - next instant, they be divin back in to da dub reggae pool of high vibrations.
Not since de BAD BRAINS has I seen a dub shift like dis...where da Brains used speedmetal thrash to roots dub, Da Trio use crafty musicianship ala deep dubbing inta combine engine thrusting inta metallic spaceship, full-on rock heftiness!
Stu be de drop-dub anchor of da massive sounds created by dis King Dubby Trio. dere original stylee be complexity & unique yo!

Dub Joe blows a melodica, vocoder-type classic reggae dub instrumental

A Mitch Mitchell-esqe drummer, Dub Joe's one of the tastiest drummers ever, rockin da rock and dubbing da reggae doobienesss! Yo Joe, Mike Patton loves ya!

Dub Joe drums one handed, holding echo-chambered mike to snare, creating da dubular bellular effect yo!
Dub Joe goes psychedelica, give a click for a better view
Go Dub Joe! hits da drums & cymbals in a dynamic ebb & flow, dub & blow, hard & softness... Effect!

DP = Double Playa, dis guitarman wails lead guitarizms, dub keyboards 'n triggers reggae dub vocals and other effects in real time flat.

Ring those Dubular Bells DP!

Click and dig da DP sepia dub pic!

DP Wails and Rages against da Dub! Next effect!

Wail and wash, repeat! Dub!

DP makes guitar talk & repeat. fade & repeat, a dubby guit wash and it's back to the pedals.

These cool pics culled off the internet, from a DT concert with psychedelic background. Nice!
DP's Dub Technique - crafting blissed out soundscapes in a live sitch
Lay down that deep heavy anchor, Barney Dub-ble

Dub Triage in UK mod mode
"Hey Hey we're the monkee dubs"

2 CD's on ROIR Records (home of the first Bad Brains CD... da heavy/dub connect?)

NY PRESS “Dub Trio dig into a deep, deep sound that's as solid as it is ephemeral…

Dub Trio are on Mike Patton’s PEEPING TOM cd, a remixx of "Not Alone" from DT's new album, NEW HEAVY upon which Matton Pike sings

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Click left for Jefe's full-on razzle-dazzle psychedelic Dub Trip; culled from Exploring the Origins of... cd

this be Beans, he opened for Dub Trio at Piano's with a Bean-like rapping stylee, high-to-low pitched vocalizms, acapella skills, and sick sick beats... Cool beans!

most photos, views, animations and manipulations by Jefe aka Johnny Chiba
jefe at testpress dot net - myspace.com/testicle88